Endurance and Endings

Hey Friends and Family,   Sister Taylor and I are headed into our last full week together. We are super excited to be booked with appointments and people this week. We are going to have some great lessons with people and help them find Christ in their lives. This past week….we had a very humbling … More Endurance and Endings


Delven in Delft

We had a great week. It all began with a good p-day last Tuesday in Delft. This was my 3rd time in Delft, and it doesn’t ever disappoint. It’s gorgeous.  Enjoy the pictures. Funny moments: Sister Taylor showed me a little fan that you can hand crank. With just one little crank, I managed to … More Delven in Delft

Tong Tong Fair

Hey friends and family! Letting you know that I have 5 more Mondays before I’m home, so if you haven’t emailed me in a while, then I’d love to hear from you 🙂 Last Monday we went to the Tong Tong Fair in Den Haag, which is an Indonesian fair with music, dancing, food, and … More Tong Tong Fair

Mothers Day

Hoi, hoiii Skyping my family yesterday was pretty great! It was 7 in the morning for them, but they were only slightly grumpy, which is a big deal. We had a great conversation and I love them. A while back, we had a great dinner appointment with fam. Nielson in Breda. Brother Nielson explained that … More Mothers Day

Slayin’ Den Haag

Hey everyone, You know that feeling on an airplane, right before you lift off the ground? That is how we have been feeling about Den Haag lately! Sister Dixon is now in Zoetermeer and I will be staying in Den Haag with Sister Taylor. Her dad worked for the military so she was born in … More Slayin’ Den Haag